Service Technician
Job purpose


The technician is responsible for the servicing and repair of customer’s and dealership vehicles as assigned by service management or designated representative.


Duties and responsibilities



  1. Maintain an appropriate level of personal grooming and hygiene.

  2. Wear uniforms as specified by service management.

  3. Arrive at work, take breaks, and depart work at the times designated by management.

  4. Report to management any situation or condition that jeopardizes the safety, welfare or integrity of the dealership.

  5. Perform other duties as assigned by management.


Vehicle Repair

  1. Professionally service and/or repair vehicles assigned.

  2. Complete all work in accordance with the applicable safety requirements and published procedures.

  3. Document services and repairs completed by making appropriate notes showing “condition, cause and remedy”.

  4. Document additional needed repairs showing “condition, cause and remedy”.

  5. Use seat covers, fender covers and steering wheel covers as directed by service management.

  6. Dispose of fluids and chemicals safely in accordance with established Dealer guidelines.

  7. Maintain an inventory of standard automotive technician tools required to perform all services and repairs and which are not inventoried by the Dealership as “Special Service Tools”.

  8. Utilize standard operating procedures to perform maintenance services as directed by service management.

  9. Return customer’s vehicles as clean as or cleaner than they were prior to servicing.



  1. Attend training courses as directed by service management

  2. Review all applicable service bulletins and other technical publications.

  3. Complete TU on-line TecSmart training courses as directed by service management.


Quality Control

  1. Test drive vehicle prior to service or repair (Express Lube excepted).

  2. Verify repair by operating repaired component several times.

  3. Test drive vehicle after the service or repair is completed.

  4. Complete the quality control inspection form when attached to the repair order.

  5. Attach and complete a quality control inspection form when the customer complaint could not be duplicated and no repair was performed.



  1. Utilize Reynolds system to obtain repair orders.

  2. Utilize Autopoint system to communicate additional needed repairs to service advisors.

  3. Utilize Autopoint to communicate completed repair orders to the next person working on the vehicle.

  4. Provide the administrative assistance necessary to complete warranty claims.




State the minimum qualifications required to successfully perform the job. These are the qualifications that are necessary for someone to be considered for the position.


All qualifications must comply with provincial human rights legislation.


Qualifications include:

  • Automotive Service Technician Certificate

Physical requirements


A service technician is required to stand for extended periods of time, lift heavy objects on a regular basis and do repetitive tasks with few breaks
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