Current Customers: Lost your job? We have you covered.Current Customers: Lost your job? We have you covered.

Toyota Financial Services and Toyota Canada are pleased to introduce

Complimentary Job Loss Credit Protection

Now Through Janurary 31st, 2017 ONLY

► How do I qualify?

Are you a resident of the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba? Finance or lease your new or pre-owned Toyota/Scion from Heninger Toyota between July 1 and August 31, 2016 and you’re in!

► What do I get?

This coverage is offered free of charge and provides up to $10,000 of credit protection should you suffer unemployment during the term of their lease or loan.


Customers must reside in the province of Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba and purchase their vehicle from a Prairie zone dealer to qualify

Eligible customers that purchase a new or pre-owned Toyota & SCION vehicle and finance or lease with TFS with a contract date of July 1st-January 31st, 2017 will be offered complimentary Job Loss Credit Protection by TFS.

Should an eligible customer suffer an unexpected Job Loss during the term of their lease or loan, they will have an opportunity to file a request for benefit with the Job Loss Credit Protection administrator. The administrator is IAPG (Industrial Alliance Pacific General) and they will be available to assist with claims at 1-800-663-9498. For questions related to the program, please contact your Dealer Relations Manager or local branch.

If the claim is approved, an eligible customer may return their vehicle to the Dealer and their account with TFS will be covered up to $10,000 in settlement of the amount outstanding. The value of the vehicle will be determined by the administrator using leading industry guides. Note: Customers are still responsible for amounts greater than $10,000, and other charges such as excess wear and tear, excess kilometres, unrepaired damages and other conditions outlined in the Certificate.


A copy of the Contract Holder Terms & Conditions Job Loss Credit Protection Certificate is attached.

A completed copy of the Certificate must be submitted with the booking package on each eligible lease and loan contract.

The Contract Holder (Buyer or Lessee only) must be a natural person, not a partnership, company or association. All other customers should sign the Certificate. (However, no benefits will be payable if certain Limitations and Exclusions apply – see Certificate).

Please review the Certificate [Contract Holder Terms and Conditions] carefully with customers for important details and eligibility requirements. TFS & TCI are pleased to provide this program in support of the Prairie Zone Toyota Dealers. If you have any questions, please contact your Dealer Relations Manager.