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Son Diep

I have been selling truck for 4 Yrs and the Tacoma Trd offroad V6 access cab manual is my favorite truck. The reason being is that there are no other trucks out there that can compete with it.
68% of all small truck sold in the world are a Tacoma and the TRD is the most bad ass truck of them all. It’s built to take all the punishment you can dish out. No one who owns a Tacoma, that I know of, has ever said any negative thing about it.

For proof on it’s legendary reliability and dependability please check out Top Gear’s ”Killing a Toyota”.

Carlos Melendez

I will be 51 on April 27/17.
I have been working with Toyota from 2002 until this day, and also from 1989 to 1993.

My favorite Truck is….. Toyota Tacoma TRD 4X4-V6. Why? because it have all i need in a Truck: towing capabilities, ready to tow with tow package wiring and harness, my favorite feature is the power outlet in the back of bed. I can plug in my guitar or if i am camping I can cut wood for my fireplace. I can do some cooking if i need to. If some is stack with his vehicle a can help to get them out to safety, and the list goes on and on.