50th Anniversary Sale – Spin to win up to $10,000

Contest Period

June 14 – 23, 2018 inclusive.

How to enter and be eligible

Contestants must purchase or lease an in-stock (i.e. in Heninger Toyota’s inventory at time of sale) new or pre-owned vehicle from Heninger Toyota within the contest period and take delivery (i.e. legal possession or ownership) on or before June 30, 2018.  Contestants agree to allow Heninger Toyota to capture and publicly promote, advertise, and post images and/or videos of prize winners.


Contestants will be given physical (i.e. paper) tickets to be used as proof of eligibility in the contest.  Tickets will be awarded to individual contestants in varying quantities, depending upon the following sales conditions:

*Vehicles may be new or pre-owned.  Vehicles must be in Heninger Toyota’s “in-stock”, on-ground inventory at time of purchase.

**Extra Care Protection is an insurance and extended warranty coverage product offered backed by Toyota Canada Inc.

4-Way Protection Package includes undercoating, paint sealant, rust inhibitor, and either leather or fabric protection.

††Contestants must publicly post a review of their experience at Heninger Toyota using Google’s rating system.  Special exceptions may exist through which contestants may be eligible for this extra tickets for using another online public review or rating service, such as Facebook, DealerRater, or Yelp!

∞Heninger Toyota will be advertising and internally promoting the sale of specific vehicles that will entitle eligible contestants (i.e. those that purchase or lease one of these promotional vehicles)  up to 4 bonus tickets.

Getting Extra Tickets/Entries

Heninger Toyota will provide a contest wheel in the showroom and provide eligible contestants an opportunity to spin to win up to 4 times as many tickets/entries as originally awarded via the sales conditions described in the table herein.  Only spins in which the wheel completed at least one full revolution shall be valid for determining what, if any, ticket/entries multiplier will apply. Contestants may not practice spinning the wheel. Only one attempt may be made to spin the wheel per eligible contestant.  If the wheel fails to make one full revolution, the multiplier will default to 1 and no second attempt will be given. Example scenario: A contestant purchases a vehicle, an ECP, and a protection package.  Also, Heninger Toyota verifies that this contestant posted a Google review. The contestant is originally awarded 5 tickets (contest entries).  Then, the contestant performs a valid spin of the showroom contest wheel and lands on a space that indicates a multiplier of 4. The contestant will be given 20 tickets toward the $10,000 draw.

Contestants must secure and maintain possession of contest entry tickets and present the same in person at Heninger Toyota, at 3640 Macleod Trail S, Calgary, AB, in order to claim the grand prize of $10,000 on or before July 15, 2018.  Heninger Toyota is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen tickets and makes no provision for replacement.

Heninger Toyota shall secure and maintain matching tickets corresponding to those distributed to contestants.  

All tickets shall be placed in a container from which the random draw will occur following the contest period.

The winning ticket number shall be posted to Heninger Toyota’s website and social media channels no less than 2 weeks prior to July 15, 2018.

Win additional Prizes

Heninger Toyota will allocate $2,500 of additional prizes to be distributed and won via the prize wheel and awarded to eligible contestants following winning spins.  Contestants may not practice spinning the wheel. Only one attempt may be made to spin the wheel per eligible contestant. If the wheel fails to make one full revolution, no prize will be awarded and no second attempt will be given.  The following table depicts the distribution of this $2,500:

Alternatively, customers may forfeit their spin on the additional prize wheel and choose to receive a Cineplex movie voucher, which includes 2 general admissions, 2 regular soft drinks, and 1 regular popcorn.

Odds of Winning Grand Prize of $10,000

There is no way to publish the odds of winning the grade prize of $10,000 due to the unknown factors to which eligible contestants are subject.  For example, the total number of eligible contestants is unknown. Individual contestant’s decision regarding meeting the conditions for earning additional tickets is unknown.  The possible multipliers awarded to contestants from spinning the contest wheel is unknown. Heninger Toyota will award the grand prize of $10,000 to one eligible contestant following the contest period, assuming the winning randomly drawn ticket is used to claim the grand prize.  In order to claim the grand prize, the eligible contestant must answer a mathematical skill-testing question.  In the event that no one claims the grand prize by presenting the valid winning ticket, Heninger Toyota shall not award the $10,000.