Toyota Express Maintenance

Get Express Service for the Right Price. Right Now.

We know your time is valuable. So when your Toyota needs factory-scheduled maintenance or repairs, don’t let it slow you down. Toyota Express Service offers everything you need to keep you moving. All from the one place you trust with the right price, right quality and completed right now: Heninger Toyota.

We Cover A Lot of Ground at Heninger Toyota.

Our Toyota-trained technicians are deployed in a ”pit crew” approach to ensure your vehicle receives rapid and accurate service.

Heninger Toyota’s Express Service includes:

1. Wash front floor mats, OEM only

2. Vacuum drivers and front passenger footwells and any obvious debris on seats

3. Inspection lane. This includes:

  – Brake efficiency check

  – Light inspection

  – Wiper/washer inspection

  – Horn inspection

  – Code scanner on most models

  – Set tire pressures and check tread depth

  – Basic alignment inspection

  – Battery inspection

  – Engine air filter inspection

4. On the pit:

  – Change oil and filter

  – Inspect/adjust fluid levels

  – Check for any fluid leaks

  – Visually inspect steering and suspension components

  – Inspect exhaust system

  – Visually inspect driveline

  – Lube driveshaft if required

  – Inspect belts and hoses

  – Lube doors

  – Check/adjust spare tire pressure

  – Inspect air filter if not done on inspection lane

5. Car wash

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