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Warning Signs Your Toyota Brakes Need Immediate Attention

Your  Toyota vehicle’s brakes play a crucial role in ensuring both its performance and your safety on the road. However, it’s common to overlook their importance and, let’s admit it, even easier to delay having them inspected. Once you understand just how frequently you rely on your brakes, you’ll see that prioritizing their maintenance is simply a smart choice

Your vehicle’s braking system is a sophisticated network of components, including calipers, rotors, pads, shoes, and drums, all working together to bring you to a safe stop. Regular inspections and maintenance of these vital parts are crucial for ensuring not only smooth operation but also your safety on the road.

At every 8,000-kilometer service interval, our skilled Toyota technicians will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your brake system. They’ll provide expert advice on whether your brake components need servicing, replacement, or if they’re in excellent condition and require no further attention.

Keep in mind that several factors impact the lifespan of your Toyota brakes:

  • Your driving and braking habits directly affect the wear and tear of brake pads, shoes, and rotors.
  • Winter conditions can lead to rust formation on brake components.
  • Heavy hauling, steep inclines, or stop-and-go city traffic can subject your brakes to high temperatures, causing faster wear.
  • Gravel or muddy terrain may gradually contaminate brake components.
  • Even if you don’t drive frequently, extended periods of vehicle storage can lead to rust buildup in your brake system.

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What to look out for

When it comes to your Toyota brakes in Calgary, Heninger Service Centre is here to ensure they perform optimally and keep you safe on the road. Brake components have a limited lifespan, requiring regular maintenance and occasional replacement to maintain safe and effective operation. Luckily, there are clear indicators that signal when it’s time to service your brakes.

Unusual Sounds

Are you noticing a high-pitched screech or squeal when applying the brakes? This noise is a built-in ‘wear indicator’ designed to alert you to the need for brake pad replacement. Conversely, a grinding or growling sound indicates metal-on-metal contact, indicating that the brake pads have worn through. This situation can be detrimental to your calipers and rotors and may result in costly repairs. Don’t delay; schedule service for your Toyota with us as soon as possible!

Unusual Pedal Response

If your Toyota brake pedal pulsates or vibrates, similar to the sensation of anti-lock brakes, it’s a clear signal that your brake pads may be worn down or warped. On the other hand, if your brake pedal feels soft or ‘mushy,’ it could signify a more significant issue with your brake fluid, line, or system. In such cases, a thorough flush is essential (avoid simply topping off your brake fluid). Our certified Toyota technicians have the expertise to provide a precise diagnosis and necessary repairs.


If you notice your steering pulling to the left or right when you brake, this could indicate that there is uneven friction on one or more wheels – often caused by a stuck caliper, collapsed brake hose, or uneven brake pads. The problem could also be your tires, front-­‐end alignment, or suspension. Whatever the cause, pulling is a good reason to bring your Toyota into Heninger Toyota Service Centre for an inspection.

In addition, some signs of brake wear can only be identified when you bring your vehicle in for a proper brake inspection.

Thin Brake Pads

A quick visual inspection will help you determine how your brake pads are wearing, but it’s not always possible to see them through your wheels. Your certified Toyota technician will be able to remove the tire to properly inspect your brake pads. If they’re less than a quarter inch thick, it’s time to get them replaced.

Worn Rotors

Brake pads show signs of wear from friction, but your rotors should not. Deep, circular grooves in the rotor are a sign that your brakes are severely worn down and must be replaced.


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