Experience connectivity at your fingertips with Toyota Entune 3.0. This suite of smart apps and services are designed with the driver in mind. Revel in the music streaming, navigation tools, a live 24/7 Entune agent, and enjoy every ride with added peace of mind.

Safety Connect: Be prepared for the unexpected and have peace of mind with Safety Connect. For any scenario, from a flat tire to a collision, Safety Connect is ready to respond using your vehicle's cellular and GPS technology. With 24/7 response centre agent's available, assistance is always one call away.

App Suite Connect:
Stay seamlessly connected with App Suite Connect. With voice-activated hands-free commands, access your favourite road-trip tunes, navigation, and more, all safely and conveniently while driving. The App Suite Connect is just a download away including your Yelp, NPR, Weather, Traffic, Sports, Stocks, and more!

Destination Assist Connect:
You've got things to do and people to see. Destination Assist will help you get there. Keep your hands on the wheel with a live agent, who will send coordinates directly to your Navigation System, and get where you want to go safely and easily. Plus, speak with your agent in whatever language you prefer including English, French, Mandarin, and more!

Scout GPS Link:
A smart-phone based app gives you turn-by-turn voice prompts and traffic based routing to make sure you're on schedule. With simple voice commands Scout GPS Link Canada links to your multimedia touch screen and provides you with full moving maps and directions.

*Available on Toyota models not equipped with embedded Navigation.To activate Scout GPS Link, the customer simply needs to download the Scout GPS Link app from the Apple app store or Google Play Store.